We Ship to Prisons

Please select the correct rate at checkout before placing your order.

We Ship to Prisons One Book- $9.99

We Ship to Prisons Two Books- $19.99

We Ship to Prisons Three or More Books- $29.99

Inmates are only allowed to receive up to five books per shipment. Any additional books will be shipped out two business days after the first shipment. 

If an inmate does not receive their books, please call the prisons mail room! If the mailroom claims to have not received any packages, email us or contact us by live chat and we will look into this issue immediately.

Please allow packages up to 7 business days to be returned to us. We do not have any control over the return process,  and we can not refund any purchases until the books get returned to our store.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we are unable to ship to SCI prisons. 

If you have any additional questions about the process, do not hesitate to contact us by live chat. You can also track the package by clicking our Track Your Order link.



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