2020 Through the Eyes of a Social Media Revolutionary

2020 Through the Eyes of a Social Media Revolutionary

Black and Nobel

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2020 was supposed to be the year of clear vision and shockingly it was, just not the vision most would have predicted with an ensuing global pandemic that made the world stand still. The world changed in ways that the most dystopian of authors, screen and playwriters would have been challenged to duplicate in a theatrical production yet it changed no less. From global panic to the obscene nature of faceless strangers and friends to massive poverty, fascism, violence and in America, the threat of a new Civil War. Witnessing this as one who sees himself as a proud descendant of Africa Professor Jones cataloged his observations and experiences through his various platforms on social media. Seeing 2020 through his lens gives great insight into the minds of social agents of change as they navigate in a nefariously hostile environment in these historic times. Thought provoking and triggering are a few ways to describe this work but if one were to critically analyze these passages they then can say that they too were able to see 2020 Through the Eyes of a Social Media Revolutionary.

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