Ain't No Wifey 2-Black and Nobel

Ain't No Wifey 2

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Love, lies and obsession is one way to describe Minka in this explosive sequel. While adjusting to motherhood, Minka is served with papers accusing her of assault. Realizing Sasha won't stop until she gets Minka, she has to step up and do what’s right for her family. Even if that means playing the game she isn’t meant to win, with psychotic Sasha.

Milan is settling into life with the love of her life, Donovan Jackson. All the love stops abruptly when she finds out Donovan has hid his past from her and it has come to California to bite him in his ass. Will Milan and Donovan make it? Or will someone that is creeping in the shadows finally get what she wants?

When someone in Micah’s past comes back into town and wants to pick up where they left off, Despite Micah’s relationship status. Will Micah remain the good man everyone loves or will he turn in his angel wings for horns?


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