B.a.e.: Before Anyone Else (Volume 1)

B.A.E.: Before Anyone Else (Volume 1)

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You know those summer night, cool breeze, everybody is outside and kicking it? Music blaring, you chilling with your girls, watching the guys? Well, that's how it went for Moët. Moët Rubins, was sitting on her best friend's stoop with her girls, kicking it and having drinks, when a drop top Maybach pulled onto the block and out hopped out Zyair Zane Whitfield, the undefeated heavy weight champ. With millions of dollars and wins under his belt, Zane is interested in the soft spoken girl with the blond hair. Moët lets Zane chase her, not interested in the lime light or his whorish ways. Will Zane break her down? Tammy, never thought inviting her cousin over would lead to her best friend and cousin maybe becoming a thing. She knows Moët is hesitant because of her past relationship that she can't seem to leave alone. Tammy is fighting her own demons with her husband and newborn daughter, who drops a bombshell on her. This causes Tammy to put her big girl panties on and handle it, but will she crack under pressure? In order for someone to be come your B.A.E you have to be willing to put them before everyone else, but is Zane and Moët ready to be each other's B.A.E?


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