Black Chronicle From The Slavery Era - 1778 To Beginning Of Civil Rights Movement - 1956

Black Chronicle From the Slavery Era - 1778 to the Beginning of the Civil Rights Movement - 1956

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The Black Chronicle is a compilation of 178 years of black history from the Revolutionary War / Chattel Slavery to the Civil Rights movement in America. Also included in this astonishing review is an excellent editorial section on pre-colonial African civilizations. This revealing book printed in newspaper format is curriculum ready and has been carefully written by historians and scholars to be read and appreciated by grade-schoolers as well as Ph.D. graduates. Well documented, The Black Chronicle contains over 400 authentic news articles sequenced in 14 exciting editions culled from pioneering African-American newspapers and other key sources referenced in an extensive bibliography. These newspapers include; Freedoms Journal (1827) Colored Americans (1842) Frederick Douglas Paper (1855) Chicago Defender (1910) Baltimore Afro-American (1927) and the Pittsburgh Courier (1948). The Black Chronicle, via the magic of newsprint, laden with photos and illustrations, delivers a vivid and striking account of the major events effecting the lives of African-Americans in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, the major contributions made by them to the American Society, and the courageous leaders who spearheaded their unrelenting struggles for freedom

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