Black Ice (G Street Chronicles Presents) By V. Brown

Black Ice (G Street Chronicles Presents) by V. Brown

  • $14.99

Black Ice, So We Meet Again picks up exactly where Broken Promise left off.

Promise and Monica head to Boston on a mission. A night of drinks and a little fun leads Promise into the path of Rare Breed, the hottest rapper in the game. Will he begin to fill her days and occupy her nights, distracting her from her original mission?

Black Ice is busy planning a wedding, yet has begun to feel like she's losing a grip on her fiancé. Will she make it down the aisle or will she have to end the life of whoever may stand in the way of her happiness.

Dezman, the star NBA player, now in a bind and seeing his performance on the court dwindling, will now be forced to use extreme measures to maintain the title go to guy.

Meanwhile back in Tampa, Sweet Pea is looking after Deziray when she gets an anonymous letter that leaves her questioning the safety of her daughter s life. Will she have to take it to the streets to assure her family's safety?

When the truth is finally revealed, will Promise be able to handle it? Will Dezman beg for forgiveness? Will Promise get her revenge and ultimately come out on top? Or do some people have ulterior motives and nothing really is as it seems?

In this crazy, emotional roller coaster of a sequel, you will find out that however it ends, there can only be one HBIC left standing!