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By Myself I'm A Solider

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Sage Alexander is a young, beautiful, impressionable 18-year-old who’s supposed to have the world at her feet. But she finds herself pregnant and abandoned. Struggling to get by but determined to make ends meet. Sage works a minimum wage job while attending school to become a nurse. Things appear promising as Sage is determined to not allow her circumstances to deter her from pursuing her dreams.


Yet, weeks before giving birth to her daughter, Sage and her aunt Keria- whom she’s residing with- come to blows. Fists aren’t the only things thrown and Sage finds herself on the streets without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. To add insult to injury, she’s fired from her place of employment. Homeless and destitute, Sage sticks her feet into unchartered waters when she connects with her cousin Mega, head of the murderous trio – The Undertakers to help her put things back into perspective.


Soon she’s making moves with thugs and is plagued with the dilemma of aspiring to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse who preserves life or end the lives of others who’ve threaten her own. Torn between two worlds, Sage falls hard for Jahloni, who wants to lead her into the safety of his arms. But can she learn to trust again after the father of her child does the unthinkable? Or will the gravitational pull of the streets destroy her and the life she envisions for herself and young daughter? Will Sage sink or swim as her life spirals out of control?


The streets are watching in this seductive, edgy tale of deceit, envy and lies. Sage will captivate and infuriate readers with her sex appeal, maliciousness and naivety leaving them on the edge of their seats and thirsting for more!




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