Cold World (Volume 1) Paperback by Carde'l

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The urban fiction Cold World is filled with ghetto love, unspeakable treachery, pure hatred, and non-stop unpredictable twists and turns that is sure to smack you dead in the face with the true reality of street life. The main character of this wild story is a cunning and extremely ambitious street hustler named Gusto. Raised in the underworld of Trenton New Jersey, Gusto is willing to do whatever it takes to climb to the top of the food chain. Once he reaches the top of the drug trade ladder, he makes sure to bring his team along. As time goes by, Gusto experiences unthinkable deception from those closest to him. Disregarding his personal responsibilities, Gusto finally falls victim to his own greed and pride, and is forced to pay a price that he can not afford.