Dark Knights & Summer Daze Paperback Novel
Dark Knights & Summer Daze Novel

Dark Knights & Summer Daze

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Summer Daze thought she had everything together. College was a breeze to her, there wasn't a man in the picture to distract her from her goals, it was all about her. Graduation was right around the corner and nothing could knock her off her square. That is until a horrible tragedy happens and Summer starts to play detective, not knowing it would lead her down the same path and soon someone would be after her too. Trench Knight is everything a woman could ask for. Handsome and charming, with a certified attitude to match, he pretty much had it all. What he didn’t have though, was a woman to tame the beast within him. Coming from a rough background, for once he wanted to live his life the right way. Meeting Summer came right on time. What Knight didn’t know was they have a common enemy and things aren't always what they seem to be. Throwing caution to the wind, Summer falls for Knight faster than expected. But, regardless of how happy you are together there is always someone in the corner plotting to take everything from you. With Summers life in his hands, Knight has a choice to choose between love and loyalty. Will he end up being Summer’s Knight in thugged out armor or will the tables turn and she realizes that even Knights can be your worst nightmare?


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