Essence Of A Bad Girl (G Street Chronicles Presents) By Mz. Robinson

Essence of a Bad Girl (G Street Chronicles Presents) by Mz. Robinson

  • $14.99

Essence Monroe went through great lengths to escape her sordid past and the lovers in it. Using extreme and deadly tactics she re-invented herself and now she's well on her way to a promising future. Not only is she engaged to Andrew Carlton, one of Atlanta s most sought after athletes, but she's slowly creating a name for herself in the fashion industry. Essence is a former bad girl - gone good and she's living a life that others can only dream of. That is until Essence's life is shaken, when she discovers that someone knows her secrets. Essence must revert to her bad girl ways, in order to protect herself and the man she loves. While she's focused on keeping her skeletons buried, there's another woman focused on taking her place by Andrew's side. Not only does the mysterious woman want to take Essences man but she wants Essence life for her very own. In the end there can be only one winner and no one is prepared for the outcome.