Gods Earths and 85ers

Gods Earths and 85ers

Black and Nobel

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GODS, EARTHS AND 85ers is a first time clear and precise look into one of the most misunderstood, controversial and sublime groups in American history.The Nation of Gods and Earths', otherwise known as The 5%ers, rich history and teachings are finally made available. Pen Black is someone who has learned and lived their lessons for over a decade.Find out why this very large and influential group of men and women consider themselves Gods and Earths, find out who they consider the Bloodsuckers of the Poor and who they consider the DEAF, DUMB, and BLIND. Find out why in the face of deadly opposition and governmental intervention this group has survived and gone on to influence a whole generation and Hip Hop movement.Gods, Earths and 85ers may be your only chance to find true knowledge, wisdom and understanding about the Nation of Gods and Earths.



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