Great Women Of African Descent: An Artistic Expression Of The Icons Paperback

Great Women of African Descent: An Artistic Expression of the Icons

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The book artistically presents beautiful studio paintings of selected iconic black women who are descendants of Africa. The volume recognizes and credits the women’s exceptional work, their achievements, as well as their positive contribution to and impact on society. By extension, this book validates and celebrates women in our time. It supports, communicates, and solidifies their trade and realizations. The work identifies these iconic women as influencers and actual figures existing in our time. It therefore adds to their notable and significant work as part of the historical record. The book also accelerates the path to victory for other women. Further, it emphasizes education in general and self-education in particular as critical and key ingredients to fulfillment and success. With this publication, the world becomes more diverse and improves because of that diversity. This book is written for a reader interested in our world in general, and for those who study contemporary African women, art, and for those interested in cultural studies focusing on the modern-day African world.


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