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1) Cistanoside is an ingredient found only in cistanches and one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients. So, it can improve memory and slow the aging process on the pituitary gland, gonads, thymus and other parts of the human body.
2) Nourish body. It is rich in PROTEIN/amino acids, vitamins and minerals, It can enhance your muscle glycogen stores, reduce post-exercise muscle protein degradation, and promote adaptive hypertrophy and hyperplasia in mitochondria in order to meet the energy needed for muscle contraction and rehabilitation. In addition, it still can significantly improve the synthesis of RNA and DNA in the liver and spleen of yang-deficiency animals. Hence, it is able to greatly enhance strength and relieve fatigue in yang deficiency syndrome.
3) Adjust the circulatory system. It can protect the ischemic myocardium, lower blood fat levels, prevent atherosclerosis, stop thrombosis, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, expand peripheral vessel, lower blood pressure, protect the liver, and eliminate fatty liver.
4) Treat kidney-deficiency amenorrhea. It is rich in alkaloids, crystalline neutral substance, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and other ingredients. It works as a yang herb as well as a jing herb, which can prevent the occurrence of yang deficiency and weight loss. Hence, it can effectively prevent and treat kidney- deficiency induced impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, menstruation, amenorrhea, infertility and other diseases.
5) Enhance immune function. Its polysaccharides have a significant impact on the formation and activity of human lymphocytes. It can increase the proliferative response of lymphocytes, and thereby enhance the body’s immune function.
6) Increase libido in men and women. It acts as one of potency herbs or aphrodisiac since it contains acteoside, salidroside and other chemical ingredients that can effectively promote the function of the central nervous system, enhance the secretion of hormones and release neurotransmitters, and thereby increase libido.
7) Free bowel movement. It can significantly improve the speed of intestinal propulsion, shorten the bowel transit time, and obviously inhibit the large intestine’s absorption of water. As a result it can moisten the feces and stimulate evacuation of feces.
Bedroom Performance Benefits
Herbalist Ron Teeguarden says, “Cistanche is one of the more popular, and more potent, yang tonic herbs and is found in many formulas designed to

strengthen performance in the bedroom. It is used not only in men’s performance formulas but also in women’s.
Cistanche is also one of the main ingredients in the #1 bedroom performance supplement in Thailand, which was shown to help in a double- blind placebo-controlled study.
With that said, Limited research has been done on Cistanche Tubulosa extract, despite its thousands of years of historical use.
Other Benefits
Basically if it helps with performance in the bedroom, its also going to do a whole lot more. Cistanche studies have shown:
Anti-Fatigue and Anti-Aging Benefits
Neuroprotection and Improved Memory Function and Learning Stimulates Nitric Oxide production
Hormone Regulation
Boost Immune System
Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Response
Promotion of Bone Formation
Stimulates ATP
Antioxidant E



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