In Love With The King Of Chicago Paperback Novel
In Love With The King Of Chicago Novel

In Love With The King Of Chicago

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Love is physically addictive, and falling in love activates areas of the brain that gives you the same feelings one would get from doing cocaine. This was definitely the case for twenty-six-year-old Karter Martin and twenty-nine-year old Dezmund “Dez” Wright. Dez had been a money-making machine since he was nine years old, and he took over being the ‘man of the house’. The streets sucked him in, but they didn’t destroy him, like they did many before him. With his brother, Dame, by his side, they were able to take over Chicago. But, after almost twenty years, they stepped down from the throne and opened a nightclub in the heart of the city. Dez’s mind was always on his paper, and he didn’t think twice about love, but when he laid eyes on Karter, there was something unexplainable that drew him to her, and he didn’t want to let it go. This could be the perfect love story for Dez and Karter, but we all know those don’t exist. At a young age, Karter knew all about heartache. At five years old, her parents dropped her off with her grandmother and never looked back. That year, Big Mama put Karter in dance class, and she hasn’t stopped dancing since. For the longest, it had been just Karter and Big Mama, until Big Mama passed, and it turned Karter’s life upside down. When Karter meets Dez a year later, it gives her a reason to smile again. Even when they were hit with situations meant to tear them apart, they pushed through and proved to everyone who doubted their relationship, that they were in it for the long run. Loving a man like Dez, you need to have tough skin, and Karter learns that the hard way. Melodee’s razor-sharp tongue and ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude is enough to run any man away. After getting her heart broken, she shuts herself down from any type of relationship. But, Damien “Dame” Wright was the guy who set out to change her mind on that. Melodee’s focus was on chasing a bag, but it was hard to do with a man like Dame in the way. At twenty-eight years old, Dame was ready to settle down and be that one-woman man. After years of running through random females, he meets Melodee and changes his entire way of thinking. Trying to break down the wall that Melodee had up became too much for him, and he was ready to give up. A traumatic event brings these two together, and hopefully it’ll make them realize that they needed to give their relationship a fighting chance. But, can they keep it together long enough to explore being a real couple? These brothers went from running an entire city effortlessly, to struggling to get their own lives under control. The women in their lives didn’t have it any easier as they dealt with the consequences of being In Love With the King of Chicago. Can they make it work, or will these two relationships be another failed attempt at love?


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