Iwa (Asafo)

Iwa (Asafo)

Black and Nobel

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No nation can stand as a principled, honorable power without the sense and strength of its traditional convictions. And no people, determined to be independent, empowered and sovereign, can build and progressively maintain itself without a motivated, diligent, disciplined, respectful, knowledgeable warrior class who considers itself duty bound to defend the name and secure the existence of their people. At the heart of every decisive warrior class we have produced, we find this IWA, these virtuous qualities and an enduring strength of mind which reflect good character at the deepest psychological and spiritual levels. To be of good character, to possess IWA, our warriors must know how to think, speak and act as our Ancestors have. Above all else, this requires that there be no contradiction between these three manifestations of consciousness. Still, warriors have to recognize that this is an evolutionary process within. Developing good character takes both righteous instruction and ample time for the seeker to become one with it. Our Ancestors, and those who have continued their movement along the revolutionary, nationbuilding path, have already given us these warrior's rules through their words and examples. They have left us an abundantly rich tradition of warriorhood. Through them, we can easily see what constitutes good character among warriors. What they have given the new vanguard is a dynamic, balanced way of thinking and living which offers loving guidance in their pursuit of good character on the home front as well as battlefields in this anti-Afrikan reality. This book is an examination of that character and the methods for building it.



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