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Necessary Force

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Steve D and the Force MCs have to be acknowledged for being the first to bring true harmony to Hip Hop! This uniquely lays out the life of Stevie D and the Force MCs/MDs, one of Hip Hop's most forgotten truths. -Chuck D

Stevie is the first i saw freeestyle-off-the-top, and when it comes to mixing Hip Hop and R&B, The Force is the genesis. It's time for the world to know who Stevie D and The Force really are. -Dougie Fresh

Lots of cats caught Stevie and The Force when they were making records, but before that they were definitely nice as MCs and could really sing. -Sadat X

When I reflected on harmonizing and tightly knit routines in Hip Hop, I can think of none that sounded better than Stevie D and The Force MCs. -Special Ed

The Force are the first official Hip Hop/R&B group, their harmony back then was impeccable. None of the crews could hold a candle to how Stevie D and The Force sang. They are truly legendary. -Dana Dane