Philadelphia’s Diary

Philadelphia’s Diary

Black and Nobel

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Philadelphia's Diary exposes the truth beneath the different layers that Philadelphia holds. Each chapter takes you through a different scenario of someone trying to survive in Philadelphia. With each chapter comes a new person, story, hardship, success, and pain. You will grow to learn and love each character through some kind of connection, whether it's emotional or psychological; each character is unique. Philadelphia's Diary will advocate for those who are unheard, or forgotten. For people who get swept under the rug because society overlooks them everyday. Philadelphia's Diary will expose what happens in Philadelphia at the micro and macro level; gun-violence, opioids, sexual assault, corruption, and much more. The book can get graphic while it contains trigger warnings for the following: murder, sexual assault, abuse, suicide, and rape. Everything that no one wants to address because they are "sensitive" subjects. Philadelphia's Diary addresses. Through beautiful stories depicted in a way that you will not want to put the book down. Dive into the rich stories and post your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #Philadelphiasdiary and @juanadamesjr. Love All!



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