Solaray Fermented Cordyceps

Solaray Fermented Cordyceps

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  • 500 mg fermented cordyceps per veg cap
  • Promotes athletic performance, healthy aging, cardio health and more
  • Excipient-free

Cordyceps is an intriguing mushroom that's long been a part of the Chinese medicinal tradition. A fungus that can commonly be found growing on caterpillars in high mountain regions, cordyceps has many health benefits when taken in supplement form. Cordyceps is believed to be great for promoting athletic performance, healthy aging, healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range, cardio health and more. Solaray Organically Grown Fermented Cordyceps Mushroom provides a generous 500 mg cordyceps per veg cap without any fillers or extra ingredients and is 100% vegan, organic and excipient free. So give your health a boost today and order Organically Grown Fermented Cordyceps Mushroom.

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