Soul Elixir: The Writingz Of Zo Paperback
Soul Elixir: The Writingz Of Zo

sOuL eLiXiR: The WritingZ of zO

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sOuL eLiXiR: The WritingZ of Zo, is poetry from the heart and soul of Zo-Alonzo Gross, in the American rap tradition it exists inside the New Age Renaissance Republique as Sun Salutations, "now I rise to greet the blue morning." Like a starburst, this new take on the poetry genre, emerges and shines in the New American School. As the engenue of wise child-like wonder, this poetry creates exciting innovations in language and syntax. This poetry exists inside the all seeing, all knowing love of the Poet, as a healer and Oracle. The Poet brings wisdom and light, hidden Holy Spirit knowledge out-shining the dark forces of the undertow of the war society, creating healing and hope. In the quest for human suffrage the positive soul affirmations exist inside the beauty of whirly gigs and windmills. As if some sweet times harkens to the New Age and the peace society that is coming.The story-teller magic inside rockabye lullaby is a quiet anarchy of the new word for peace . . . read the good news, a celebration of love from the Earth Angel, Zo-Alonzo Gross, sOuL eLiXir: The WritingZ of Zo.


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