Spiritual Warfare: Rise To Power

Spiritual Warfare: Rise To Power

Black and Nobel

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When the demon Jade was sent to Earth, Sarah Michel was one of the first women he encountered, and almost made him lose sight of his mission. Luckily, he was able to convince Dr. Andrew Bailey, a dear friend of hers, to betray her—a decision which eliminated the growing problem Sarah was becoming.
Now, four years later with a fresh start, Jade is completely focused on his agenda and has serious plans that start with the 2020 Presidential Election. Sporting a new identity, and assured the past is far behind him, nothing will get in his way.
There’s only one problem: Sarah was not the only loose end.
Jessica, a young girl Jade encountered years ago, recognizes him. She remembers him as the last person to see her brother, Max, before her family found him dead. In her quest to learn the truth about her brother’s final moments, she will unearth secrets about a spiritual world she never knew existed. But, can she stop Jade? Or will he end her?



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