The Holy Black Papyrus

The Holy Black Papyrus

Black and Nobel

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The Holy Black Papyrus is a book written in the present, but truly written from the past too, meaning that the meaning that the author tapped into the ever resonating voice and spirit of the ancestors to produce this inspiring body of work. The Holy Black Papyrus is written towards our divinity and designed to address us as a unique people(s); with appeals to our roots, originality, history (past/present), individual spirituality, psychology, so sociological plights, and OUR SURVIVAL.

Upon picking up this papyrus/book you will not want to put it down and will constantly find yourself sharing with someone. Chapter's in The Holy Black Papyrus such as: The Aura Man Praise be to the Nile- and The Black Woman is GOD! You shall surely find enriching and all invigorating. KNOW THE TIME! KNOW YOURSELF! LOVE YOURSELF!



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