The Secret of Regeneration

The Secret of Regeneration

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Inter-Sexuality is a condition in which the person is neither male nor female. There are multitudes of these cases. In fact, a condition of inter-sexuality, both physically and psychically, appears more or less in every person. Otto Weininger, a German genius, in his Sex & Character , a monument of erudition and encyclopedic information, worked out an absolute formula, proving that composite male and female characteristics, in varying proportions exist in every individual. Furthermore, medical literature reports numerous cases in which certain individuals, after a careful medical exmination, were pronounced female, whereas, the opposite condition was later proven. These records contain evidence to show that sexual differentiation is simply certain variations of one main trunk, and not due to the creation of two distinct types. The evidence clearly shows that sexual variation and differentiation are the result of certain degenerative changes, with many individuals representing, in a more or less degree, both sexes in one body. The last assertion is supported by the research work of biologists. They produce evidence to show that man is really a degenerate woman. The male is secondary to the female, says Swiney p.12. To be more specific, the male is a malformed female, with the cause of such malformation arising from the action of Devolution. Professor Hilton Hotema



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