The Sick Joys of Addiction

The Sick Joys of Addiction

Black and Nobel

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At the time I decided to write this book, I was in yet another prison cell in an entirely different state than the one I was from, Southern State Prison in New Jersey. It was here when I realized that I was in the worst condition, and position in my life. I had just received a three-year prison sentence fresh off a homeless binge in Kensington, Philadelphia from shooting Heroin and Fentanyl. I was mentally and physically broken. I had ruined and destroyed any relationship that I ever built, and for the first time in my life I was alone, afraid, and completely hopeless. I didn’t know what to do. My way wasn’t working…

This is where my mother’s words rang out loud to me from her gravesite at the Silverbrook Cemetery. “Baby, what are you going to do? Why are you scared of success? Why do you limit yourself so much? Boy sit on the pot and shit or get up!” And I decided to get up! The only thing that’s going to happen to you when you fall 7 times is that you’re going to get up 8 times unless you choose to stay down. And I’m no quitter, my DNA will not allow me to quit, shit I’m Deborah Ann Prince’s son…so I got up!!!

I got up and realized that this time, unlike all the other times I had a lot of work to do to dust myself off … So I worked! And I worked hard! I had found my purpose, I had some lives to save, starting with my very own first…So, like the countless amounts of times that I had heard in the many NA meetings that I attended, Step 4 had spoken to me as I read the basic text…I needed to take a searching and fearless, moral inventory of myself, so that’s what I did. And once it was over, I had penned out my greatest work… Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you, “The Sick Joys of Add



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