The Unknown Lore Of Amexem’s Indigenous People

The Unknown Lore Of Amexem’s Indigenous People

Black and Nobel

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After completing my first book "The Huevolution of Sacred Muur Science" I found there were many aspects of Muur history and culture that I touched on too lightly. So, I set out to do a follow up book that more or less expounded on subjects like Joseph Smith and the Mormons, the Poro & Keetowah societies, and the Delawares & Nanticokes. This particular book also has a chapter on ancient & modern round ball sports, after reading it, one, might better explain the overall craze of round ball sports in America. One of the most fascinating aspects of Moorish Science Temple history is the (Pan American Conference 1928) And the so called Moor circle (7). I conclude this book with Addendums dealing with these very intriguing subjects along with the national headress the (Fez). My mother is part Nanticoke and Fulani, my father Cherokee & Mende. My mission, was to represent my family roots through literature along with magnifying cultures not often written about, at least not by one of its own.



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