Who Dropped The Ball On Our Kids

Who Dropped The Ball On Our Kids

Black and Nobel

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The brutal period of American chattel slavery set in motion the creation of a fabricated image of white superiority and Black inferiority to justify the brutal capture and enslavement of Africans. Over time, through unrelenting reinforcement of this pronouncement, the fabrication came to appear as reality. This image became ingrained in the whole of America's culture, permeating all its institutions. The American public educational system is but one of those institutions that perpetuated this racist image, though it's one that wields significant power to influence both white and Black behavior, self-perception,attitudes and aspirations.
One of the primary roles of U.S. public education has historically been, and persists today, the indoctrination of students into an acceptance of the image of Black people as innately inferior and white people as the superior race. This view is essential to sustaining Black oppression and white dominance.   
No effort on the part of Black people to escape oppression and its subsequent second-class status can be successful until Black people are educated in a way that enables breaking psychologically free from the bondage of self-negating images and ideas built into the school curriculum. This "freeing of the Black mind" is the cornerstone for leading, excelling and achieving in a post-industrial age of innovation, critical thinking and technological ingenuity. These are the minds that are essential to develop and execute contemporary strategies to uplift and liberate Black people and communities.
A must read for Black parents, educators and school leaders committed to the life success of Black students



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