Young Fly & Flashy

Young Fly & Flashy

Black and Nobel

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Life is good when you’re young, wild, and free. Buck was considered an “OG” to everyone in his neighborhood at the age of 21. He was a cool, laid back type of dude but nothing to play with. Drug dealer and hired gunman living the flashy lifestyle most want to live. He owned the drug game mastering it by learning from the best…his mentor “Money”. While being on top of the game, having a faithful girl, having a loyal team and enough money to last a lifetime it can come with a cost. Buck understood that the game was for you to get in and get out, but it also cost him his freedom and at times his peace having to be on guard in regards to the opposition. Buck did his time in his early teens, but later finds himself in the same predicament once the cycles repeat. Buck anticipating to get out the game awaits the verdict of trial wondering will it all turn around in his favor? Or will he end up like most guys in the game, back at square one losing his freedom?



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